Pop newcomer Mike Posner has released a cover of Adele's hit song 'Rolling in the Deep,' and the 'Cooler Than Me' has put his own spin on the British singer's track.

Posner is known for his inclusion of electronic sound elements in his catchy pop songs, and his rendition of 'Rolling in the Deep' stays true to this pattern with it's steady, spacey synth beat.

Adele's vocals are also present in Posner's version. However, this time around her voice has been digitally mixed to fit Posner's slow-tempo, trippy rendition.

Posner's soft, delicate vocals are also a far-cry from the powerful tone of Adele's singing in the original. What do you think of Mike Posner's 'Rolling in the Deep' cover? Do you think Adele would approve?

Listen to Mike Posner's 'Rolling in the Deep' Cover

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