Lesson learned: If you don't want your hygiene called into question around the halls of your high school, don't cross Little Mix.

The four-piece girl group, whose 2013 Salute was replete with minor chords and urban grit, have decidedly lightened things up a bit with "Black Magic," and in the summer single's corresponding video, which was released this morning (May 29), the ladies transform from nerdy high school social lepers to contenders for prom queen, all thanks to a little book of spells they accidentally find in the library's reference section.

Once Perrie, Leigh-Anne, Jade and Jesy become experts in sorcery, they decide to use their powers for good (...eventually, that is—the first order of business is to whisper an incantation that will make make the bitchy girl who was rude to them in the atrium fart as she chats up the BMOC.) "Take a sip of my secret potion/One taste and you'll be mine," Little Mix hum, as their collective crush brushes off their nemesis and finally pays them a bit of attention. "It's a spell that can't be broken/It'll keep you up all night."

By proceeding to help a geeky teacher earn his moment in the sun, and supernaturally turning a sinfully boring lecture into a Studio 54 dance party, the charmers ultimately prove they are more Glinda than Elphaba, and leave a legacy on the world of wizardry that would have Dumbledore shaking in his boots.

Due for a bit of enchantment? Watch "Black Magic," and tell us if its voodoo has left you stunned.

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