"Black Magic" is a rather appropriate title for Little Mix's long awaited comeback track, given that the song's been suspiciously divined by fans — no doubt because of a witchy ritual of some kind — nearly one week ahead of schedule.

As promised in the weeks leading up to the song's release, the talented UK troupe's lead single from their forthcoming third studio album is something of a sonic shift for the group known for their innovative bangers like "Wings," "Move" and "Salute." The Ed Drewett co-penned bop supplies a decidedly '80's gloss, filled with hand clapping, foot stomping shout-along attitude ("HEY!"), sweet harmonies and summery licks of guitar — not entirely unlike The Saturdays' underappreciated "Disco Love."

"Take a sip of my secret potion / I'll make you fall in love," the girls warn across the chorus. Clearly, this is Perrie Edwards' subtle way of revealing how she managed to get Zayn Malik to quit One Direction, right? (I kid, I kid. Please don't come for me, teens.)

With a video on the way reportedly inspired by The Craft (good choice, girls!), the song has a great shot of becoming a spooky big hit this summer.

Little Mix Black Magic

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