Only time will tell if former One Direction member Zayn Malik will find success as a solo artist, but as far as Little Mix fans are concerned, he shall henceforth remain I-R-R-E-L-E-V-A-N-T.

broke off his engagementPerrie Edwards
via text messageDaily Mail

As the group geared up to leave the event, bold Jade Thirlwall decided to borrow the fan-made sign, smile and ensure its "irrelevant" note faced paparazzi en route. Thirlwall may not have written the memo herself, but from where we're sitting, that's a loud and clear cosign. What happened to the days of watercolor hearts and Sharpie peace signs...?

Surprised Mixers are taking the breakup so hard, or that Jade was so complicit in the anti-Zayn sentiments? Sound off in the comments.

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