Alright you devoted fans of 'The Voice' - ya ready for some more battle rounds?

Up first are two country gals on Team Blake: Liz Davis, who was won over by Shelton after he pulled a country music award out from behind his back, and Nicole Johnson, the girl who sang Kelly Clarkson's 'Mr. Know It All' during her audition and had the whole honky tonk thing down, pronouncing the word "thing" as "thaaang."

Shelton chose his wife Miranda Lambert's song 'Baggage Claim' for the girls to sing. From the beginning of rehearsals, Davis was the frontrunner; she was strong and confident, but needed to concentrate on making sure she pronounced each word clearly. Johnson's voice, on the other hand, was pitchy, and she had trouble reaching the high notes the song required her to hit.

Both women sounded great during their battle round, but it was Davis that stole the show. Despite the similarities in their voices, Davis's attitude, range, and confidence secured the win for her. Not to mention that she looked the part of the next great up and coming young country singer with her blonde hair, tanned skin, and sequined shorts. The only thing missing was the cowboy boots.

Shelton made the wise choice in choosing Davis to stick around; unfortunately, no one opted to use their steal to pick Johnson up.