No good deed goes unpunished. One Direction's Louis Tomlinson partook in a charity soccer match in Scotland this weekend to help raise money for a cancer charity. But he ended up somewhat injured by a fellow player who plowed into him. LT even vomited after he left the field on Sunday, Sept. 8!

As you can see in the video above, Tomlinson was pretty banged up, clutching his leg and writhing on the field in agonizing pain when pro player Gabriel Agbonlahor tackled him and knocked him to the ground (around 32 seconds into the replay) during the match, which took place in Glasgow. Over 60,000 strong witnessed the spectacle.

LT was doubled over in pain and hobbled off the field, where he promptly puked.

Directioners went nuts, making death threats to the footballer on Twitter. He apologized, since it was an accident!

Agbonlahor reportedly said, "It was just one of those things. I’ll apologize to Louis when we meet up with everybody else after the game. I know he enjoyed playing in the game and it’s fantastic that he took time out to be here."

LT's mom said after-the-fact that the 1Der is okay. Whew. We're glad to hear that, since it looked like Tomlinson was in some serious pain for a few minutes there.

And take it easy Directioners. It was not a malicious attack.