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Bada Bing, Bada Boom! Rapper Ludacris has thrown some lyrical darts at Drake and Big Sean on a song called 'Bada Boom' from his '1.21 Gigawatts' mixtape. Apparently, the Atlanta rhymer is angry that Drizzy and Sean have accused him of biting the 'Supa Dupa' rhyme flow (or hashtag rap) from them.

Although Luda doesn't say any names on the track, he does spit some acidic lines that are no doubt directly aimed at the two emcees. "Counterfeit rappers say I’m stealing their flows / But I can’t steal what you never made up b---h / Y’all some duplicate rap cloning n---as / I manufacture you h---s put on your makeup b---h," he raps.

Ludacris' diss song stems from an interview Drake did on AllHipHop in which he said that Luda doesn't know how to use the hashtag flow properly. "I don’t want to offend somebody, I hate that rappers picked that flow up," he said in the 2010 interview. "I wish they had left that for people that know how to use it. [They go like] 'It’s a parade! MACY’S!'," Drake continued, referencing one of Luda's lines from 'My Chick Bad.'

In an MTV interview, Big Sean claims to have invented the hashtag flow. “With the super duper flow, I created that one-word rhyme style," he said.

In response, Luda raps on 'Bada Boom': "Do your research before you make a claim so bogus / That's disrespecting pioneers in the game / F---k the fame but go ahead and get ya 5 minutes / Then you frontline cadets can report to your lieutenants (Sir, yes sir)."

When asked about the retaliatory track on Shade 45's Sway In The Morning on Wednesday (Nov. 16), Ludacris simply replied, "I don't start these things, I finish them."

Oh boy! We can't wait for Big Sean and Drake's response to Ludacris' diss song.

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