What is it about a musician with a lip ring that instantly makes him that much hotter? We may not know the exact science behind it, but both 5 Seconds of Summer's Luke Hemmings and Emblem3's Keaton Stromberg totally prove our theory. Whose lip piercing do you like better?

Luke Hemmings chooses to rock his lip piercing in the left corner of his mouth, which basically makes him to-die-for when he smiles. (And that dimple! Sigh.) While he could don a stud, the ring gives him that badass, punk-rock edge that we love so much.

While Keaton doesn't sport his lip ring as much as he used to (where's the crying emoji?), we still totally love the look on him. Like Luke's piercing, Keats' lip ring is on the left side of his mouth, though more towards the center than Luke's. Of course, he totally owns the piercing, which makes him look both smoldering and rebellious at the same time. Hot!

Whose lip piercing do you like better? Cast your vote for Luke Hemmings or Keaton Stromberg in the poll below!

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