Well that was fast.

According to a report from TMZ, the thief who stole Lupita Nyong'o's custom-made Calvin Klein Oscars dress -- a dress adorned with over 6,000 pearls, no less -- returned it to the very same hotel where he first swiped it two days ago (Feb. 25). Apparently, the man who took the dress called TMZ himself and let them know exactly where he'd stashed it -- in a second story bathroom that was near the workout center. The guy reportedly placed the dress in a garbage bag and left it there for TMZ to find. He says he first nabbed the dress when he noticed Lupita's hotel room door had been left open. Once TMZ gave the information to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, they went over and confirmed that the dress had been returned. You can check out some photos over at TMZ.

The reason the thief decided to return the dress? Well, according to what he told TMZ, the pearls making up the majority of Lupita's dress were not actually real. He said he and a few friends took some of the pearls off the garment and shopped it around Los Angeles' garment district, only to be informed that the pearls themselves were fake. Outraged over this claim, the thief returned the dress and then called up TMZ in an attempt to let everyone know about "Hollywood's fake bullsh---."

The dress is reportedly valued at $150,000. Meanwhile, the identity of the thief is still unknown.

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