Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly has released a video for 'Chasing Pavements,' a track built around the Adele tune of the same name. The simple clip shows MGK sitting in a window seat of an airplane rapping his lyrics over Adele's sped-up chorus.

The one-take video depicts MGK lip-synching the words to Adele's chorus and spitting his rhymes about his struggles on the streets. He raps about how hard it is to make it when businesses aren't hiring and colleges only want you if you're a star athlete:

"I'm saying just because I ain't Kareem / You telling me I should give up on my dream? / You telling me I ain't s--- cause I ain't working for degrees? Or on a team? / This country's flag is a joke, that s--- should be painted green / Tell me when is currency valued over a human being? / When we stand for nothing, we falling for anything."

'Chasing Pavements' appears on Machine Gun Kelly's 2011 mixtape 'Rage Pack,' one of several mixtapes he has dropped over the past five years. In March, he released the EP 'Half Naked & Almost Famous,' his first project for Bad Boy/Interscope Records. Earlier this year, the Wrestlemania XXVIII performer won the MTVu Breaking Woodie Award as the network's choice for most outstanding emerging artist.

Watch Machine Gun Kelly's 'Chasing Pavements'

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