Last week, J-pop idol and NGT48 member Maho Yamaguchi revealed that she had been attacked by two men at her home in Niigata, Japan, in December after returning home from a performance.

The Japanese pop idol described the assault in a live stream, claiming the men "grabbed her by the face" when she tried to scream. She said one of them tried to pin her down, but she was able to escape when her attackers got distracted by the sound of the elevator. They were later arrested but released soon after.

Then, in a series of tweets, she wrote that she believes someone in NGT48, a sister group of popular Japanese music group AKB48, had leaked her personal information, including her address and what time she'd be home, implying that the attack was orchestrated by a fellow member. She also reportedly accused the group's management of covering up the incident.

Read a fan translation of her tweets, below:

Now, in a weird turn of events, Yamaguchi has apologized... twice.

Kotaku reports that the performer apologized for “causing trouble" during one of the group's recent performances.

She then apologized for a second time today (Jan. 10) for "making everyone worry," leading many fans to wonder why she's the one saying sorry and why she was allegedly told to apologize a second time.

NGT48’s official website has since posted a public statement regarding the matter. They apologized to the fans, as well as revealed that they will continue to investigate what really happened to Yamaguchi.

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