Maluma, professional Pretty Boy-slash-Naughty Boy, Colombian reggaeton prince and Instagram's most followed male Latin singer, has teamed up with Anitta, Brazilian chart-topping pop bombshell, YouTube sensation and one-time rumored girlfriend of Niall Horan in what is surely the ultimate Colombian-Brazilian pop dream team duet.

The result, "Sim Ou Não" ("Yes Or No"), is pure fuego/fogo/fiyah.

The club bop sees Maluma serving up his signature speak-sung sexy touch while grinding up on Anitta, who in turn twerks it out and drops down low while crooning her immediately infectious tune.

So much sexual tension, so much butt — it's like a Colombian-Brazilian answer to Rihanna and Drake's "Work," kinda. Their playful chemistry while writhing around on that golden throne together is undeniably adorable. But also hands off, Anitta — that's my bae.

The hot clip's already garnered 1.9 million views in a day, and the song shot straight to No. 1 on iTunes Brazil, as Maluma pointed out on Insta. It sure seems likely that Anitta's about to notch yet another Top 10 hit in Brazil...and perhaps even abroad.

"I accepted the invitation from @anitta for her new song #SimOuNão. Anitta is the biggest Brazillian pop singer at the moment. She has more than a billion views on her Youtube channel, winner of worldwide act: Latin America on EMA 2015 and she will perform at the opening ceremony for the Rio Olympics. HUGE!" Maluma glowingly wrote of the Bang! singer on his Instagram a few days before the single dropped.

And that's not the only collaboration he's got cooking: Maluma's jumping on Shakira and Carlos Vives' "Bicicleta" with a remix real soon, too.

Anitta's doing her fair share of Colombian reggaeton domination herself: she hopped on a remix of J. Balvin's global smash hit, "Ginza," earlier in the year.

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