A man on Reddit says his wife is furious after he shared the news of her pregnancy with his own mother without asking her if it was OK first.

Content warning: Mention of pregnancy loss

"A few days ago my wife and I found out that she's pregnant. We had been trying for about a year after she had experienced a miscarriage of a pregnancy that we hadn't planned. We are both obviously super happy and excited to become parents," he wrote.

"So yesterday I went out to lunch with my mom and I told her the news, to which she was thrilled for my wife and I. I didn't think anything of it until I told my wife that I told my mom and she was immediately upset with me," the man continued on Reddit.

His wife told him that she wasn't ready for people to know about her new pregnancy yet following her miscarriage.

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"She said that now because my mom knows that she is pregnant, she's now going to know if something goes wrong, and she's not comfortable with that. When I asked her why that is such a big deal all she could say was 'it just is' and that I wouldn't understand," the man shared.

"In my defense, it's not just her news to share, it's OURS and I feel like it was completely reasonable to tell my mom as she is an immediate family member who I am very close with. I also know for a fact she already told her sister so I just don't see how telling my mom is a problem," he explained.

The man added that his wife never actually told him not to tell anyone about the pregnancy.

"A day later and she's still very much so mad at me, I am getting the silent treatment and she avoids me like I am the one who did something bad. Again, I really don't think I did anything wrong here. While I understand that it's her body I think it's unfair that she can tell her support system but I'm not allowed to tell mine," he concluded.

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Users in the comments roasted the man.

"First... wishing you a healthy full term pregnancy, and I am very sorry for your earlier loss. But while it is your shared news, you are not the one who is currently watching their body like a hawk for signs of anything amiss. You aren't the one whose body is now responsible for this new little life and you aren't the one whose hormones will be swinging wildly," one person wrote.

"It's shared news. A.K.A. you tell your mom together, and at minimum you talk to her before you tell anyone. And yeah… her choosing who she tells until it feels safe is COMPLETELY fair. And if you're arguing about this please take the time to get on the same page asap 'cause babies = relationship stress," another chimed in.

"This will be the moment that she'll look back on if they have another child. She may just not tell you right away next time. Because you can't be trusted," someone else commented.

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