Although Marian Hill made a name for themselves with their debut album, ACT ONE, it wasn't until their song "Down" became the soundtrack for one of Apple's latest commercials that the buzz around the Philadelphia duo spiked.

Even though their longtime fans will quickly attest to how good producer and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Lloyd and singer Samantha Gongol are, "Down" brought their popularity to another level. That excitement carried on through their tour opener at the Brooklyn Steel on Monday night, May 22.

Playing to a packed house, the band, along with their sax player, filled the room with bumping beats, sultry grooves and music that you couldn't help but dance to. They performed songs from their album (including the aforementioned single) but also other tracks from ACT ONE like "Wild." It was clear that the crowd knew the lyrics by heart, so much so that Gongol could have stopped singing if she wanted to.

Aside from Marian Hill's electrifying set, Los Angeles duo Opia opened the show with a selection of their gritty blues-influenced pop-R&B. Meanwhile, guitarist and singer Cole Citrenbaum explained that it was a special night for him because he graduated from college that day—not only was he opening the tour, but he had also just received his degree. Aside from Citrenbaum's John Mayer-like guitar movements, Opia wowed the audience with their unexpected cover of Britney Spears' "...Baby One More Time."

Down Tour below, and see exclusive photos from the show up top.

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