Converse has released yet another all-star collaboration, and this time, their trio matches up Mark Foster of Foster the People, 'Somebody That I Used to Know' songstress Kimbra, and electro DJ A-Trak. The 'Pumped Up Kicks' vocalist, the 'Cameo Lover' indie pop darling, and the hip-hop / house hitmaker all worked on the track 'Warrior,' the video for which recently premiered on YouTube.

In the clip, Kimbra, Foster and A-Trak are enslaved in an underground Mexican wrestling ring. With her hands bound, Kimbra is forced to sing as the frontwoman of a mariachi band, costume and all. Meanwhile, Mark Foster and A-Trak are manhandled until they compete as luchadores in the ring. As the video progresses, Kimbra stands by idly, singing with a longing look in her eye as the corrupt head honcho takes bets while Foster and A-Trak get their a--es beat.

However, the tables quickly turn as Foster and A-Trak join together to create an unstoppable tag team, clothes lining their way to freedom. They eventually take down the greedy overweight ring leader, but it's it's the gorgeous raven-haired Kimbra who finished the job, round-housing that sucker practically into space, all the while looking adorable in her purple kicks and unitard. Liberation at last!

The 22-year-old singer-songwriter, who is getting ready to release her debut album in May and is making waves with her feature on Gotye's 'Somebody That I Used to Know,' actually wrote about the song on her blog:

Mark's initial suggestion after writing the 'pushing me down' hook was that we try and write the song about something or someone who threatens to take away our joy. There are people who always want to bring you down, and 'Warrior' is about standing up for what you believe and following your convictions even when people want to prove you wrong or explain away the mystical or extraordinary experiences you have... This song is a call back to embrace that child-like wonder and strength in 'feeling' things, while not always fully understanding them. There's a war-cry at the heart of this song that I feel strongly about.... Will we raise our men and women to be strong in heart & 'to cry for the ones they love'? Or just automated to be strong in body and mind, but lacking in empathy? Hold onto your light.... follow it to the end... and fight the man! Preferably with a roundhouse kick to the face in a Luchadore mask and spandex leotard!!! Haha ; )

What do you think of 'Warrior'? Does this trio make sweet, beautiful tunes together? Check out the awesome video below and leave us a comment afterwards.

Watch Mark Foster, Kimbra and A-Trak's 'Warrior' Video