Tyler The Creator and Stephen Colbert had a memorable exchange early on The Late Show last night (July 24). After being introduced, Tyler gave his host a hug, then quite clearly placed his hand on Colbert's rear end, catching him off-guard.

"You just touched me on the butt," Colbert pointed out, once both men have sat down and exchanged pleasantries.

"No, I didn't," Tyler responds.

"Yes, you did."

"You have no proof!"

Only Colbert did have proof. It's on video. In slow-motion, no less. Fortunately the two men settled their dispute amicably, with Colbert offering that it was, in fact, "welcome contact."

And last, if Tyler is really that cold, as he repeatedly mentions, perhaps we could recommend wearing pants?

Before Tyler got on stage to perform "911" off his new album, Flower Boy, he discussed his thought process during the making of the album. "I didn't want to rap a lot on it," he explained to Colbert. "So I kept all my rap verses short, and everything I said I made sure it was really ridiculously important. And I think that's what people kinda like about it."

Over on The Tonight Show, Fifth Harmony brought out Gucci Mane for a performance of "Down":

And Foster the People sang their latest, "Sit Next to Me," for James Corden's audience on The Late Late Show:

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