When super-old clips of our favorite celebrities wind up hitting the Internet, it feels like Christmas came early. From a 14-year-old Jennifer Lawrence reciting Shakespeare to an eight-year-old Beyonce totally killing it in a talent competition, we can't get enough of that before-they-were-stars type of footage. Even better is footage of actors auditioning for the roles that wound up catapulting them to stardom -- which is exactly what was handed to us on a silver platter with this footage of Matthew McConaughey auditioning for 'Dazed and Confused.'

The vintage clip of Matthew, which we're pretty sure was shot on VHS circa 1993, shows him auditioning for the role of David Wooderson -- a creepy guy in his 20s who still hangs out with high school kids. He totally nails the part, so it's no wonder he wound up getting the role. He eventually went on to star in countless romantic comedies and garner a reputation for playing bongo drums in the nude. He most recently won an Academy Award for Best Actor based on his role in 'Dallas Buyers Club' -- so he's doing pretty well for himself.

Check out the clip of Matthew's audition above! Isn't it insane to think of how far he's come?

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