Pink eye, a Jimmy Fallon-lookalike and some serious censoring. Here's all of the behind-the-scenes details you never knew about 'Mean Girls'!

Since the world's obsession with 'Mean Girls' has only increased in the 10 years since its release, our friends at ScreenCrush compiled all of the trivia that even the most die-hard fans probably didn't know.

For instance, we were shocked to find out how raunchy the earlier drafts of the script were. (Hint: Lindsay Lohan being asked "Is your muffin buttered?" is a euphemism for a non-PG-13 phrase.)

Other highlights include the reason Lindsay wasn't able to be on set the first day of filming, Rachel McAdams' surprising age during production and why Jonathan Bennett was cast as the love interest.

Although the video doesn't address whether or not Aaron Samuels' hair looks better pushed back (it's a tough call), there is a lot of other amazing info that you should check out. Gruel? Gruel!

Watch the 'Mean Girls' edition of 'You Think You Know Movies?' in the video above!

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