Will and Grace's Karen Walker might have been in steadfast support of Donald Trump in a September election-themed reunion sketch, but Megan Mullally, who played the self-obsessed socialite, would have probably preferred to cast her vote for a car tire.

On last night's (December 14) episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Mullally recalled teaming up with Trump for a 2005 Emmys spoof sketch called Emmy Idol, in which five celeb-teams delivered mock performances to audiences who would vote for their favorites. In hindsight, it's not her favorite memory.

"See this photo: Otherwise known as my suicide note," Mullally says when Colbert unveils a screen grab of her skit with Trump. "I've heard they can be very tricky to write, so that saves me the trouble."

Mullally and Trump wound up winning the Emmys contest for their remake of the Green Acres theme song, and though most viewers (and any sentient humans) were aware the distinction was meaningless, Mullally said Trump was earnestly over the moon.

"The next day, I was in my Will and Grace dressing room and the phone rang and it was Donald Trump," she said. "And he said 'You know what? We really needed to win that thing, and we did. And you were a big part of that so I just wanted to say that we really needed to win it. And not only did we win it, but I hear we killed them. It was a landslide.'"

Also, credit to Mullally for coming pretty close to calling out Colbert for pandering — he spent the duration of the segment trying to fashion the president-elect's vicious curtness into something cute.

"I'm not giving [Trump] any points. For anything," Mullally insists at one point, visibly irritated.

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