"That kind of artist I wanna be is pop-rock with that little bit of punk," said Michaela Paige, 'The Voice' contestant who'd be the first to grace the stage during the live show.

During rehearsals of 'Blow Me (One Last Kiss)' by Pink, she was rocking her now-signature mohawk high and pride, but she let a little secret slip when she said she left high school during her sophomore year in order to be home schooled so she could focus on her music.

Upon taking the stage, what sounded good in rehearsals sounded flat -- and ohmygosh, what?! Her mohawk was gone! Instead, Paige opted for a more age appropriate sleek bob with enough hair in front of her eyes to bring out that punk side of her she's so desperately trying to hang on to.

Her vocals, on the other hand, were thin and one-note. She's a wonderful entertainer and appears effortless on stage, which is sure to make her coach Blake Shelton proud, but still, her vocals need work as her range isn't all there.