Miguel's upcoming album Wildheart is set for a release later this month, specifically June 30. There haven't been too many details about the project thus far, but the track listing has finally be revealed -- and it looks like Lenny Kravitz is guesting on the LP.

Of the 13 songs to make the album cut, only two feature other artists. Kravitz is reportedly featured on a track called "Face the Sun," while Kurupt is featured on a song titled "NWA." There's even a track title preceded by ellipses with "...goingtohell." Miguel got real creative with this one, so we can only imagine how the album actually sounds.

According to an interview RCA executive Mark Pitts did with Billboard, Miguel "wants people to understand who he is. He's tired of people asking, 'who are you, what's that, do you like girls?' He tells me, 'I want everyone to know I am wild, funny, edgy and love women. I need this album to connect.'"

In case you missed it a few weeks ago, Miguel also posted the album art on his Instagram page and it's a pretty striking image -- it looks like it belongs on the kind of t-shirt you'd find on an avid Tumblr user wearing, complete with a space-theme and colorful backdrop except instead of a cat in a wizard hat being the image's main focus, there's a naked Miguel and a naked woman hunched over in front of him. Weird.

You can check out the full track listing for Wildheart below.

1. A Beautiful Exit
2. Exit
3. The Valley
4. Coffee
5. NWA feat. Kurupt
6. Waves
7. Whats Normal Anyway
8. Hollywood Dreams
9. Destinado A Morir
10. …goingtohell
11. Flesh
12. Leaves
13. Face The Sun feat. Lenny Kravitz

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