'Party in the U.S.A.' bopper Miley Cyrus just dropped a reported $127,000 on a new set of wheels, according to TMZ. So now, Miley is officially rolling in style ... Though, when was she not?

Miles was spotted at a Mercedes dealer in Encino, Calif. last week, where she hopped into a shiny new 2012 SL550 convertible, in white. The source learned that the 'Achy Breaky' heir even paid for the whole shebang up front, though they didn't say whether it was via credit card or in cold hard cash money.

To top it all off? She even kept her old ride! Miley's personal bodyguard drove her former set of wheels back to the Cyrus house so that the teen pop queen could let her wind fly with the top down in her brand new car.

As we all know, Miles turned 19 in November, so perhaps this was a early birthday present to herself? Whatever the occasion, she seemed pretty happy to be getting behind the wheel, and smiled as they took pictures of her in her short shorts and tied-up top at the dealership.

See Pics of Miley's New Ride