Miley Cyrus, dear, don't you have a wedding to be prepping for? Stop cutting all of your hair off!

In a shocking turn of events, Cyrus, who recently cut a significant amount of her hair off, debuted an even shorter 'do, and sported some freshly buzzed hair to boot!

If there was some sort of text emoticon that could appropriately show how we really feel about the new haircut, it still probably wouldn't do our true feelings justice. Miley, are you playing a game with us so you stay in the public eye a little bit longer while we anxiously await the release of your album? You're killing us! Not to mention you won't have any long locks to whip around in your music videos!

Then again, Cyrus has always been one to push the envelope when it comes to these sort of things. So are we terribly, terribly surprised? No. Do we want to attach extensions to her hair immediately to avoid having to look at another horrid "buzzed hair on females" trend? Yes.

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