Mohawks originally started out as a punk rock hairdo, but they seem to be making their way into pop music more and more in recent years. Edgier singers like Pink, Kesha and Miley Cyrus all have or have had mohawks, and we want to know which of these blond songstresses you think rocks this fierce hairstyle the best.

When Pink and Miley Cyrus showed up to the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards, everyone thought they must've had the same hairstylist, since both of the ladies were rocking platinum blond mohawks. Pink has had the mohawk 'do in the past, and with her carefree and in-your-face attitude, it definitely just enhances her overall image. Cyrus, who recently chopped her longer blond locks off, also had her pixie 'do styled up into a mohawk, and we must say the 'Party in the U.S.A.' singer totally rocked it.

Finally, there's 'Cannibal' hitmaker Kesha, who has worn just about every hairdo and crazy getup known to man, including mouthfuls of blood, so her outrageous mohawk isn't really a surprise. She gets a kick out of shocking photogs on the red carpet and channeling her inner rock goddess. (She has been hanging with many rocker pals lately, like Wayne Coyne, Iggy Pop, and Alice Cooper -- maybe they rubbed off on her!)

So, PopCrush readers, who's got the best blond mohawk? Vote for Pink, Kesha or Miley Cyrus below!