Miley Cyrus revealed to ELLE UK that she is no longer liberal with the information she shares on Twitter -- and since she is friends with Justin Bieber and is 20 to his 19, she felt compelled to lecture The Biebs about his recent bad behavior. She warned him to savor the moment and absorb everything he can while in the now.

Cyrus revealed that they were out one night and all he did was take photos of other people. That's a case where social media is problematic. So she chastised him for it.

"I noticed he was taking all these photos of people," Mama Cyrus recalled. "And doing a lot of s---, and I just grabbed him and said, 'Just take a snapshot in your brain of this moment, so you don’t forget.'"

A snapshot in your brain? Um, okay.

Her larger point? She didn't savor some big moments in her life and wished that she did. So she was warning The Biebs to stop letting himself be pelted by external stimuli and to just focus on himself. Essentially, she doesn't want him to repeat her mistakes.

She said, "I don’t remember my 'Hannah Montana' movie premiere — and my 3D movie trumped everyone’s at the box office — I don’t remember being there. All I remember from that night is that I stopped and got a strawberry milkshake beforehand. That’s all. It’s crazy. You think you’re in the present but you’re not.”

Now we totally get her point.

Take heed, Biebs.

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