As if his baby blues didn't already put Liam Hemsworth in the running for Best Boyfriend on the Planet, this story sure does. The Aussie actor consoled girlfriend Miley Cyrus, who was humiliated when the world saw photos of her posing provocatively with a penis-shaped cake.

Cyrus came under fire from fans, the media and conservative groups when the photos hit the Web. An underage Cyrus was pictured sipping cocktails and goofing around with Hemsworth's phallic shaped birthday cake.

A Cyrus pal told Hollywood Life, "She was extremely embarrassed when the penis cake photos were released. She was having a fit that was only settled by Liam, who calmed her down and made her realize the funny side of the situation." C'mon, admit it -- you probably giggled at the pictures, too.

How did he do it? "He has started teasing Miley about it in a loving way and has actually made her laugh about the ridiculousness of the pictures," the source continued.

We're glad Hemsworth and Cyrus have a sense of humor about the situation. Cyrus wasn't the only girl to ever regret photos taken while she's silly at a party. While most people only have to worry about getting tagged with red cups on Facebook, Cyrus has to worry about being plastered all over the Internet. Let's all have a chuckle about this and move on. After all, the person who should be the most embarrassed is actually Hemsworth. Why would his friends order him a cake like that?!