Warning: This post is not safe for work, and it's certainly not safe for Disney. Miley Cyrus was by her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth's side as he celebrated his birthday on Saturday, which is no doubt a sweet gesture -- but as for munching on his penis-shaped birthday cake? Well, we're not so sure that's a 'girlfriend of the year' move.

It seems Smiley Miley simply couldn't help herself when they rolled out the delicious icing-coated cake, despite the fact that it was shaped like a giant version of the male genitalia. The set of photos (link below), courtesy of TMZ, shows the 'Hannah Montana' star getting up close and very personal with the phallic baked good with no regard for the camera flashes.

In a few of the pictures, the 19-year-old child star is even shown rocking what appears to be an equally oversized Long Island Iced Tea (jealous), which lends us to believe that she was intoxicated when the camera was rolling. If you're having deja vu, you're not crazy -- a similar thing happened when Miles was filmed smoking salvia on her own birthday.

How little miss Cyrus got into Club Icon in Downtown L.A. without a chaperone, well, that one stays under the table. Unfortunately for Miley, these photos did not.

See Pics of Miley Eating a Penis Cake