Miley Cyrus commandeered NYC this morning (Oct. 7). It was unseasonably muggy in Manhattan, but the sticky, wet weather didn't deter Cyrus from doing her thing on the 'TODAY' show.

She performed a pair of songs and addressed her critics, including her recent detractor Sinead O'Connor, who penned several open letters to Cyrus.

Cyrus began the morning by performing her smash 'We Can't Stop' with her hair, which appears to be growing out, falling in her eyes, as she danced among midgets, mushrooms and rainbows.

She talked to Matt Lauer about the VMAs, succinctly saying, "I don't ever plan to offend people. Sometimes that just happens since they are not open to things they don't understand. My fans are really young but they understand what I'm doing."

She pointed out that it's over a month later and we're still discussing it.

"I can't change anything and I can't go back, I can't change the past," she said. "Anything I can't control, I can't think about."

That's a smart strategy.

Cyrus addressed the O'Connor "battle," saying that it started when she said she respected O'Connor as an artist and that she inspired her 'Wrecking Ball' video, so she didn't get how saying that you dig someone's work can start a war.

Cyrus will go on tour next year, which she hinted at. She didn't reveal when, but said that she will be hitting the road.

She also said that she is a good person because of how she treats people offstage, and that what she does on the stage does not wholly define her.

For her second song, she ripped through 'Wrecking Ball' and she wre-eh-eh-ecked that stage. Watching her Smilers sing back to her as she performed the song was pretty powerful. Clearly, they adore their heroine.

Before the show wrapped for the morning, Cyrus hit the stage again to perform her 'classic' anthem 'Party in the USA.'

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