Is Miley Cyrus running out of ideas? The 'Wrecking Ball' singer recorded a video for Love magazine and, well, she got pretty graphic ... not that that's new. But this time, there was a twist.

In a clip that plays when you load the U.K. mag's website, Cyrus rocks a red, short wig, reindeer antlers and a long brown dress. She yelps, "Merry Christmas love!" Then, as usual, she immediately sticks out her tongue, this time putting it between two of her fingers to simulate oral sex. Classy!

It gets better. Cyrus then lifts up her dress to reveal a penis doodled on her nude-colored underwear. Animated Christmas trees and decorations fly around the songstress, who then gallops towards the screen pretending to be a reindeer while a sycophant in the background yells, "I love it!"

To be fair, the video is meant to be silly and cheeky, but at this point, the only way Cyrus can really shock us is by, well, behaving like a mature 21-year-old.

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