Miley Cyrus dropped her 'We Can't Stop' video yesterday, and along with it, any flicker of the sugary sweet, bubblegum persona that made her famous. She went full-on party girl in her new cartoonish clip, as we've seen artists like Rihanna and Kesha do oh-so well in the past.

In fact, as we were watching the insane images from Miley's 'We Can't Stop' video flash across our screens, we couldn't help but think of two videos in particular -- Rihanna's 'S&M' and Kesha's 'Crazy Kids.'

After checking out Miley's grill-shinin', booty-twerkin' video for 'We Can't Stop,' RiRi's sexy, crazy and colorful clip for 'S&M,' and Kesha's ghetto fab self-working it in 'Crazy Kids,' which eye-catching and wildly entertaining video do you like the best?

Let's start with the for 'We Can't Stop,' which finds Ms. Miley cutting loose and getting totally cray cray at a house party with her friends. When she's not rolling all over a couch, spread eagled and with her booty high up in the air, a scantily clad Miley can be seen swimming with her buds and a Barbie, putting her mad decent twerking skills to the test, smashing corn cob piñatas, and basically just doing as many outrageous things as she possibly can within the span of three minutes and 34 seconds.

Next up, we've got Rihanna's 2010 video for 'S&M,' which was so hot, it was actually banned in 11 countries. The vibrant clip finds a fiery-haired Rihanna donning a number of dominatrix-inspired getups, and tying up and whipping the reporters who stalk her every last move. It's equal parts silly and sexy, as RiRi walks Perez Hilton like a dog, plays with a blow-up doll, gets hog-tied, suggestively licks an ice cream cone and deep throats a banana.

Finally, there's Kesha, who just dropped her collaborative video for her 'Warrior' track 'Crazy Kids' with She dons one of her most shocking looks yet, if that's even imaginable, as she struts her stuff through a house party with pastel corn rows, a huge grill,  and round-framed, gold glasses. When she isn't chugging forties filled with glitter, chillin' with her Pitbulls, or watching rock out in an astronaut suit, she is having a hardcore dance party with a group of shirtless, bearded biker dudes.

So, which of these party girls cranked out the best music video? Watch all three and vote below.

Watch the Miley Cyrus 'We Can't Stop' Video

Watch the Rihanna 'S&M' Video

Watch the Kesha 'Crazy Kids' Video Feat.