While Simon Cowell toils to fill the open judge's panel slots on 'X Factor,' he also has another opening, which is that of the hosting gig. Word is teen queen Miley Cyrus is up for the coveted gig.

Cyrus would replace the thickly accented Steve Jones, who was oft criticized for cutting off the judges during eliminations in order to keep time, which, was, you know, his JOB!

With Britney Spears and Demi Lovato reportedly about to ink their contracts after agreeing to terms of their separate (and likely not equal) deals, Cowell would get another boost of youth and an A-list name if he managed to recruit Cyrus to the show.

Hollywood Life exclusively reported that a source shared some key details about this possible hiring, saying, “She may not be the fourth judge but she may be the host. The new Steve Jones may be Miley Cyrus. Simon Cowell likes Demi and Miley and wants them both and she is considering it."

It would certainly be a huge coup for 'X Factor' to have Cyrus and Lovato, alongside Spears. The onetime Disney stars have young fanbases who would certainly tune in religiously to follow their antics and their outfits on the show.

However, we're not so sure Miss Miley needs the gig. Sure, she'd be in the living rooms of millions of viewers on a twice-weekly basis, but she's already such a huge star. Also, the show's grueling scheduling commitments might cause her to miss other opportunities.

Whatever the case, we'd certainly welcome Miley Cyrus on our TVs as we cover the show!

What do you think, PopCrush readers? Should Miley take this gig if it's offered to her?