Miranda Cosgrove is the star of the hit Nickelodeon series 'iCarly,' but with her freshman year of college on the horizon, the singer/actress is opening up about her future on the show.

"It's one of those things where I feel like I grew up doing the show because I've been doing it since I was 13, and now I'm 18," Cosgrove told MTV. "And I've just known the people on my show for such a long time, and I love getting to make it, and I'd want to do it forever."

This fall, the 'Dancing Crazy' singer will attend the University of Southern California to study theater, and hopes she can continue acting while juggling her course load. Whether that includes 'iCarly' is another story. "At the same time, I don't want to do too many episodes because I feel like it's a special thing," she added. "I wouldn't want to do it for too long."

Cosgrove has already begun shooting the next season of 'iCarly,' which she says will include Carly "getting a boyfriend" and more musical guests. Katy Perry is at the top of the star's wish list, but she's not revealing who, if anyone, has been confirmed. She adds, "There are a lot of different musical acts that I love, so it's fun whenever we get to have music in an episode."