On Saturday, May 14, Miranda Cosgrove celebrated her 18th birthday at a benefit event for the St. Jude's Research Hospital in Memphis, Tenn. The Los Angeles native was far from home, but luckily, she had her fans, her 'iCarly' cast mates and her fellow Nickelodeon pals from 'Victorious' to join in the festivities with her.

At the event, which was held at the Peabody Hotel, Cosgrove hung around with Jennette McCurdy, Victoria Justice, and several other Nickelodeon actors while they took the time to pose with fans who had purchased tickets to the event. During the St. Jude's fundraiser, Cosgrove was also presented with a multi-tiered birthday cake for turning the big 1-8.

Before her birthday on Saturday, Cosgrove spoke with E! Online about turning 18. Cosgrove says, ""I'm excited. I get to vote. And I can drive. I could already do that when I was 16 but I'm going to actually do it now."

She also went to talk about her ultimate 18th birthday gift, saying, "I wanted a Volkswagen bug for a long time. Jerry Trainor, who plays Spencer on 'iCarly,' actually has this really cute little BMW. So I was thinking about maybe something like that. I'm more into like color than like the type of car and stuff. I don't know much about cars so I'm just more into picking the right color."

Cosgrove also spoke about another birthday gift she'd hoped to snag. "This is going to sound really lame, but I really like bike riding," she tells E! with a smile. "I tandem bike ride a lot with my friend so I would like a new tandem bike. That would be awesome."

We hope the 'Dancing Crazy' singer got everything she hoped for and more!

Watch the Cast and Crew of 'iCarly' Wish Miranda Cosgrove 'Happy Birthday'

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