Naima Adedapo was singing and dancing in the rain on tonight's episode of 'American Idol,' as she infused Rihanna's fame-making hit 'Umbrella' with a little reggae flavor and rap flair.

Adedapo's performance was the biggest "production" of the night. Thunder and lightning visuals illuminated the screens behind her -- resembling a full-blown concert. Adedapo's performance was also the most physical, as she danced her way through the song.

Steven Tyler said that while Adedapo was "a little pitchy," she brought flavor and that little extra somethin' somethin' to the song. Jennifer Lopez was also digging Adedapo, declaring, "I don't care about pitchy. You got fire, girl." Lopez compared her to a "real recording artist with a hit record" and suggested that the singer work on her control in the future, as she clearly had some difficulty in combining singing and dancing into one cohesive performance.

Lopez empathized, telling the singer that it's not easy, but Lopez has faith in Adedapo. Randy Jackson emphasized that he cares about pitch, but appreciated the fact that she infused the song with a dose of reggae.

We'll see how America felt during tonight's eliminations.

Watch Naima Adedapo Sings Rihanna's 'Umbrella' on 'American Idol'