Rapper Nas reps for his hometown of Queensbridge, N.Y., in his mesmerizing new video for 'Nasty.' The clip has all of the motifs of the bling-bling jewelry and bodacious females you normally see in rap videos, but there's a slight twist.

The video starts with Nasir Jones being driven in the backseat of a Rolls Royce and being pampered by two beautiful ladies. It's nighttime, so you would think that Nas would be going to a nightclub, but instead he's headed to his old neighborhood.

The clip then cuts to the rhyme-slinger stepping out of the Rolls and surprisingly, it's daylight. He begins taking off his expensive fur coat and gives it to a lucky girl. Then he removes his suit jacket, diamond-encrusted rings and necklaces and passes them out to the neighborhood kids. One man in a wheelchair receives a windfall of cash from the charitable Nas.

As he continues to walk through his old stomping grounds, he is saluted by the neighborhood toughies with handshakes and brotherly fist pounds. Nas, now dressed in a black tank top and wearing a Jesus piece, walks into his old project building and enters into an apartment where he jumps into the studio booth to record his banging track 'Nasty.'

The video, which was superbly directed by Gold Watch, symbolizes the old hip-hop adage "It ain't where you're from, it's where you're at," as sung by Rakim on 'I Know You Got Soul.' This is a great video from Nas. Bravo!

Watch the Nas 'Nasty' Video