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It’s Friday once more, PopCrush readers, which means we’re (web) surfing a big ol’ wave of brand new tunes! If you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of songs, desperate to know which tracks and videos deserve your attention, consider this your life preserver: Below, discover the best five songs #NewMusicFriday has to offer.

"Everybody Lost Somebody," Bleachers
Another wonderfully romantic synth-pop jam, Jack Antonoff goes full John Hughes '80s on this ode to the one human feature that connects us all: loss. Less grief-stricken and more lighters-in-the-air celebratory, "Everybody Lost Somebody" plays like a sidewalk conversation you might accidentally eavesdrop, while an 808 beat throbs in the background. A bittersweet sax riff rounds out the production, creating a city street atmosphere that feels both familiar and dreamlike.

"1UL," Danny L Harle
PC Music darling Danny L Harle returns with another bright, glossy disco bop, this time the titular track off his upcoming 1UL EP (May 19). Featuring a mysterious soulful female vocal and a twinkly tropical beat that sounds sort of like a warped version of Disneyland's Adventureland theme, "1UL" is pure dance floor euphoria—all stabbing synths and bouncy melodies. It's delightful.

"Whippin" feat. Felix Snow, Kiiara
Though the song was technically released back in April, alt-R&B princess Kiiara delivers summery suburban eye candy in her colorful video for "Whippin," which finds the artist riding around town (on a bicycle, in a vintage car, on the back of a trailer) as she laments being "in love with the f---boys." Her liquid sugar voice oozes over a mildly tropical trap-lite beat and vocal chirps. Try not to bob along, we dare you.

"Hot2Touch," Felix Jaehn
German DJ and producer Felix Jaehn throws his hat into the ring for 2017's song of the summer—and let the record show, this contender is going to prove serious competition for other summer dance anthems to come. Featuring vocals by YouTube star-turned-pop hopeful Alex Aiono, "Hot2Touch" is one helluva disco-house banger, with a flurry of sizzling horns that make it sound like a South Beach party is bursting from your speakers.

"Let My Baby Stay," Amandla Stenberg
Amandla Stenberg makes their music debut on this glassy cover of Mac DeMarco's "Let My Baby Stay." Transforming the original shoegaze track from lo-fi to high-gloss, the actor-singer and Everything, Everything star flexes their honeyed vocals over a lush soundbed of dreamy synths, sticky-sweet melodies and snappy drum loops. It's an inspired R&B reimagining, and a promising glimpse into Stenberg's blossoming music career.

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