While his bandmates continue to stockpile the tattoos, namely Zayn Malik and Harry Styles, who seem hellbent to be inking up whenever they get the chance, One Direction's Niall Horan proudly remains a tattoo virgin. He has denied getting a tattoo after rumors began to circulate that he got his first piece of ink.

Horan took to Twitter to assure Directioners that he remains ink-free and did not succumb to any sort of pressure to be like the rest of the boys.

He posted the following tweet to clarify his tat stats:

Notice that Horan did not say that he will never, like, ever, get a tattoo. He says that he is not getting one anytime soon. Perhaps he will eventually follow suit with the rest of his mates and get his first tattoo, but it's not at the top of his to do list.

Oh, Niall, you clean cut boy, you!

In other 1D news, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson – yes, they both have tattoos, but not nearly as many as Malik and Styles -- hit Sweden for a quick trip and were posing for snaps with fans.

PopCrushers, do you think that Niall Horan should "break character" and finally get a tattoo? How about a nice little 1D logo or something to that effect? Or do you like that he remains an ink virgin and think that Zayn and Harry are going overboard with their body art? Tell us in the comments!

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