The Beastie Boys of the future -featuring actor Jack Black as a future Beastie Boy who breakdances and is flanked by a fellow Beastie wearing a Volkswagen emblem like Mike D. did in the '80s- engaged in a dance battle with Odd Future in order to present the Best Hip-Hop Video at the 2011 VMAs. The award went to Nicki Minaj for her vid for 'Super Bass' but not before the faux Beasties and Odd Future did their thing.

There was a lot of dancing and chest beating on stage in the space of three minutes. It felt like the VMAs tribute to the legends collectively known as the Beastie Boys, right down to the old school attire. However, once the award was announced, there was a pink explosion on the stage. Minaj even said on the pre-show black carpet that this was the award she was hoping to win and she got her wish. Congrats, Nicki!

"Oh my god!" she screamed dramatically when she received her Moonman statue. With her pink and yellow beehive and colorful, geometric ensemble where there were some sort of points protruding from the bodice, the human Barbie from Queens gave plenty of shout outs to fellow rappers like Lil Wayne and blew tons of air kisses while batting her mile-long false lashes, which looked to have a green hue on our screens.

Congrats Nicki!

Watch Nicki Minaj Accept Her Best Hip-Hop Video Award at the 2011 MTV VMAs