If this isn't voyeurism, we don't know what is, as the 911 call regarding an incident with Nicki Minaj and a member of her entourage while they were staying at a swanky Dallas hotel has been released and subsequently posted by TMZ. While Minaj denied the key details of the incident, like that it was her assistant who hit her in the face , the somewhat muffled call reveals otherwise. It sounds like some s--- was going down. We listened to the whole thing, so you don't have, since it's long, with lots of pauses.

Here's a recap: Minaj was cooling out at the Hotel Palomar on July 12 when an altercation took place by the pool and allegedly carried upstairs to the rooms. A hotel employee who identifies himself as the front office manager called 911, requesting police assistance for the guest in room 825, who is refusing to open the door and needs to be removed from the premises. There is lots of yelling in the background and at one point, you can hear someone asking Minaj how she wants to handle things. There's also some talk about "wanting my f---ing money," too. You can also hear Minaj screaming.

Eventually, the hotel manager asks the dispatcher,"Did you hear all that? It's pretty crazy up here right now. This is a celebrity profile group. This is Nicki Minaj ... Her entire crew is up here. She got hit in the face by somebody too. I'm sure you got that on tape. She got hit." When the dispatchers asks who hit Minaj, the manager says, "I don't know who, I don't know."

Sounds like things got dicey in Dallas on a hot July night and we're sure Minaj is not thrilled about his recording being made public, as the incident is in the rear view.