Nicki Minaj's love affair with bright colors, namely pink, is well-documented. There's plenty of photographic evidence of this fact! The rapper will bring her passion for all things pink and beyond to the masses and to fans' fingernails in January, when her OPI nail polish collection is launched.

OPI has collaborated with Justin Bieber and Katy Perry for their own successful line of lacquers in the past, and Minaj is certainly the obvious choice for a new spokeswoman. Minaj collaborated with MAC to create a lipstick last year when her debut 'Pink Friday' was released, so this is not her first foray into the cosmetic world. We're glad to see she's going with nail polish as opposed to the ubiquitous celeb fragrance, which everyone is doing right now.

The colors are loud and live large, just like Minaj. Did you expect anything less? We didn't either! If you prefer nudes and muted colors on your fingers and toes, these shades most certainly aren't for you -- but if you like to go sparkly when you get your weekly mani/pedi, then you'll love 'Metal 4 Life,' a sparkly charcoal, or 'Pink Friday,' which is glittery, as well. The bold, blue 'Fly' is super bright, while the 'Did It On 'Em' shade is a look-at-me lime. So if you want to stand out, these are calling your name.

Minaj's set also includes the trendy "shatter" pattern polish, which makes nails look "cracked" when applied. Hers is a purple shatter, named 'Super Bass,' of course! We recommend wearing that polish in winter with some fingerless gloves. Who said you have to forsake style when it's cold?

Here's another recommendation: if you can't rock flashy nail hues at work, then save these colors for your pedicures. You can still be bold without being bright and all up in your boss' grill. It's a win-win.

OPI Nicki Collection