Have you ever liked a food so much that you actually wear clothes that pay homage to it? Like a cute T-shirt with a strawberry on it, or some adorable candy-like accessories? Well, Nicki Minaj did just that, but as per usual, the rapper is taking her own drastic approach to the trend by donning a hot pink chicken wing necklace.

Minaj showed up to the iHeart Radio Festival in a pink sparkly getup, donning a tutu-skirted mini-dress, pink rain boots, and blond and pink afro-esque pigtails. Although this outfit sounds pretty eye-catching to begin with, the centerpiece of her outfit was definitely the hot pink chicken wing chain draped around her neck.

We have to admit it -- at first glance, we were like "what the heck is that thing?" It kind of looks like a mess of lumpy chewed up bubblegum. However, upon further examination, we realized it was an ode to the chicken wing! Minaj has rapped about chicken before in songs like 'Beam Me Up Scotty' and 'Go Hard,' but she has taken her love for the food to a whole new and very strange level.

Personally, the team here at PopCrush thinks the necklace is a bit gross looking. For you children of the late '90s and early '00s, doesn't it remind you of the creepy bubblegum shrine Helga had hidden in her closet on Nickelodeon's 'Hey Arnold!'? Chicken wings should never be pink under any circumstances. Yet, there is another side that also makes us kinda hungry when we see the necklace. Om nom nom -- give us some fried chicken, stat!

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