Nicole Scherzinger's new music video for 'Bang' is everything we've come to expect from the former Pussycat Doll: equal parts sexy and sensual, with some awesome dancing on her part mixed in.

The video perfectly underscores the super sultry feel of the song by starting out in total black-and-white, with just a close-up of Nicole's silhouette onscreen as she sings along to the track. Then the video goes straight into a full-blown color explosion, showing different scenes of Nicole dancing -- either with a man or alone.

Decked out in a simple, loose-fitting white tank top and drop-crotch pants, Nicole looks totally killer, and the video really allows her vocals and dancing be the main stars, and we totally love it.

Nicole's previous music video for her single, 'Run,' was an emotional display where the singer stripped down to show us her vulnerable side. 'Bang' is an interesting departure from that vibe, but it manages to stay simple in its execution.

Watch Nicole's new video above and let us know what you think about it!