O-Town have a few ideas and plans in the works for their reunion — contemporary covers, traditional boy band choreography, even a refresh of ‘Liquid Dreams’!

Okay, so the ‘Liquid Dreams’ revival might be a pipe dream at the moment, but never say never. “We’ve talked about doing a live version and throwing in girls from today,” member Trevor Penick shared with OK! Magazine. “We have our picks but would love to hear what the fans would pick and who knows, if we can get a great response we might even revamp the song and do an updated version of it.”

Yes, please! As much as we’ll always love the classic, with its mentions of pop queens like Madonna, Destiny’s Child and Janet Jackson, an update with some current stars would be great.

“She definitely has to have a tongue like Miley [Cyrus],” Erik Estrada added of the ideal girl referred to in their hit song.

In the meantime, the four guys confirmed a few things that fans can definitely expect from their upcoming album and tour.

Erik revealed, “The single is called ‘Skydive’ and we just filmed the video for it. We’ve tried to incorporate a lot of that contemporary feel into the new music without losing the essence of what made O-Town, O-Town…”

For those of you who have been fans from the beginning, the band hasn’t forgotten about you! Their tour will feature a ton of O-Town classics.

When asked about performing old material, Dan Miller said, “It’s 80 percent of our show…We’re trying to find ways to incorporate new stuff, old stuff and we love to do covers and we’re putting together a medley of covers.”

Trevor Penick was kind enough to drop some names of artists they might cover, including Sam Smith, Jay Z and Macklemore.

And let’s not forget the choreographed dancing…

“We cannot hide from what we are,” Trevor said. “That’s going to be in there.”

“There won’t be any routines,” Jacob clarified.

“No matching outfits,” Trevor chimed in.

Erik destroyed all hopes of a true 2000s reunion by adding, “There will be continuity but we won’t be in shiny denim.”