The 'Liquid Dreams' will flow again! Boy band O-Town, who made a splash in the early '00s via MTV's 'Making the Band,' have reunited, which was something they hinted about on Twitter.

Despite a 10-year hiatus, where things have changed drastically in the digital and social media landscape, four members are making a go of it again and we're stoked. So are they.

Four original members -- Erik-Michael Estrada, Jacob Underwood, Trevor Penick and Dan Miller — are at it again. They know that things have changed, but they are are getting along well and are ready to make it happen. Let's do this!

In the voiceover video, the band says, "We have started and stopped along this reunion journey once or twice. For various reasons, it's fallen through. It's now or never."

Pointing out that life after the spotlight is difficult to deal with because "everything changes," O-Town are not deterred by this fact of life. They are evolving with the world, saying, "The way people look at you changes and sometimes the way you look at yourself changes. After 10 years, it's the right time."

Notice they are texting in the visuals, indicating that yes, life has changed since digital media is HUGE and was not a "thing" during their heyday.

There are four members -- no Ashley Parker Angel, sorry O-Town fans -- and they are "essentially a brand new group."

They admit, "There is only us. There is no big manager, no big label, no big networks, no big music mogul. It's just us and our love for music."

That's all you need! That's a true 'All Or Nothing' scenario.

New music and a tour are coming.