Old Navy is promoting its Fall Favorites sale with a short commercial featuring the 1963 pop hit 'My Boyfriend's Back' by the Angels. Because nothing says "trendy" and "current" like a 50-year-old song, right?

Actually, 'My Boyfriend's Back' is a great choice for the commercial. The cute pop melody matches up nicely with the whimsical nature of the ad, which uses cartoon graphics mixed in with actual footage of young women wearing Old Navy shirts, sweaters, and jeans. We wish the spot was longer than 16 seconds, if only to hear more of the song.

Believe it or not, the Angels are still active as a group, with all three early members — Barbara Allbut Brown, Phyllis Allbut Sirico, and Peggy Santiglia Davison — joining up with new members in 2008 to release 'Love, The Angels,' their first new album in over 40 years. The opening track was 'My Boyfriend's Back ‘08,' an updated recording of their classic song featuring drums and electric guitars.

The ladies were inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame in 2005 and attended the induction ceremony in 2008 to sing some of their hits.