Hey Directioners, guess what? Our boys can act!

In the video for 'Best Song Ever,' the members of One Direction take on a variety of caricature roles and nail 'em to the wall.

Zayn Malik does drag as a sexy assistant. Louis Tomlinson riffs on Tom Cruise's 'Tropic Thunder' character. Liam Payne plays Leroy, the flamboyant choreographer with some questionable moves, while Harry Styles is nearly unrecognizable as Marcel, a nerdy marketing assistant. Niall Horan beards up as a movie exec. Their characters try and sell the real 1D on the advantages of sellin' out for their upcoming film.

But 1D won't be pushed around by movie executives when it comes to their film. They put their foot down and dance all night to the 'Best Song Ever,' destroying the corporate office in the process. The film is called 'This Is Us' for a reason.