The boys of One Direction answered some hard-hitting questions from fans during their Ustream chat, like what their favorite candle scents are and which farm animal they most want to be.

Interviewer Scott Mills had the difficult assignment of keeping the guys on task as they theoretically promoted their upcoming sophomore album 'Take Me Home' but instead spent much of the chat laughing and goofing off.

The 1D guys were split between vanilla and fig when it came to candle preference. With the farm animal question, Harry Styles said being a goat sounded good to him, while Liam Payne wanted to be a cow, so that he could fall over and see if he could get back up. Zayn Malik outsmarted everybody when he said, "I'd be the farmer's dog, because he probably has a good life."

In a rare moment of seriousness, Louis Tomlinson said his biggest concern right now is the success of the new record, which arrives Nov. 13 in the U.S. "Hoping this album is a hit, successful. Nervous about that," Louis said. Liam confirmed his nervousness as well and added, "We've worked really hard on this album."

When asked to name their favorite song from 'Take Me Home,' everyone named a different tune, although Liam and Harry cheated by picking two songs. Both selected the second single, the Ed Sheeran-penned 'Little Things,' as one of their faves. Interestingly, none of the lads named the lead single 'Live While We're Young.' Instead, Zayn chose 'Kiss You,' Niall went with 'Last First Kiss,' Liam picked 'Summer Love,' Harry chose 'Heart Attack,' and Louis picked another Sheeran track, 'Over Again.'

Directioners, in the unlikely event that you (gasp!) missed the chat, you also missed lively discussion about tattoos, their love of Pepsi, and Niall's habit of taking off his shirt in the recording studio. Check out the entire convo above.