In their last video diary "for a while," U.K. 'X Factor' imports One Direction are a little weepy. They're going to miss this! But they had nothing but good news -- and some goofing off -- to share.

"We got nominated for a Brit not too long ago, which we're massively excited about," Zayn Malik revealed as his band mates cheered. "We're very surprised by the dedication of our fans and very thankful for it!" Sounds lovely, doesn't it? It did to the fake bird on Louis Tomlinson's shoulder (he actually named it Kevin) ... You'll have to watch!

"We're very excited to be going to America," Harry Styles said. "Of course we're not going to be forgetting everyone at home!" Niall Horan agreed with Styles. "We're excited to see all of our fans that have been waiting for us in America," Horan began -- before he was cut off by a suddenly faux-weeping Tomlinson, who dropped Kevin. Don't worry, he was okay!

Horan and Styles then showed off their dance moves that they use to pick up girls, then answered a fan question about what they could wish for out of anything in the world. While Liam Payne wished ill on Kevin (Tomlinson fixed that!), Styles wished for more wishes (smart!) and Malik is happy with things as they are.

The group then tells about their most recent dreams -- the sleeping kind, not the goal-oriented kind. Tomlinson's was more of a nightmare: a sixth member joined the group and picked fights with him! For when they're not asleep, the band also reveals what they'd do if they stayed up all night. Find out who would party and who'd watch movies in the clip below!

Watch One Direction's Video Diary