Congratulations to Louis Tomlinson of One Direction! His mother is pregnant with twins.

The Daily Mail reports that Tomlinson's mum, Johannah Poulston, 40, and her longtime partner, Daniel Deakin, 30, are reportedly -- and appropriately -- thrilled at the news.

Tomlinson's already got quite a few siblings (of which he's the eldest), including Lottie, 14, Felicite, 12 and eight-year-old twins Daisy and Phoebe.

"It's brilliant news. Everyone is made up, especially Louis who already adores his sisters," a source said.

Poulston had Tomlinson with a boyfriend named Troy. Ex husband Mark Tomlinson is the father to Poulston's daughters; Louis took his last name as a child when Poulston remarried.

Poulston gushed of her famous son, "He's very caring and protective to me and his sisters. He sends money for their school trips and posts them Topshop vouchers. He does lots of little things for me – he even paid for me to have a gardener because he wanted to make my life easier," she revealed. "He rarely gets to come home, though he loves it when he does. He misses his sisters and his old bedroom, which we've kept exactly the same. He says sleeping in it gives him a sense of calm."

It may not be so calm anymore, but we bet it'll be fun to see him on diaper duty!