Directioners, One Direction have just announced that 'Night Changes' will be their new single!

The guys revealed the exciting news while on BBC Radio 1 today (Oct. 29), the band's official Twitter announced, tweeting a picture of the group while at the show:

1D kind of made the announcement accidentally, revealing that 'Night Changes' would be the new single only after skirting around the name of the song for a while.

It all happened when host Scott Mills asked the guys each of their favorite tracks on their upcoming album, 'Four,' and Harry carefully explained that his was the "next single," unsure if they could reveal what it was. Of course, the suspense (and awkward dancing around the song title!) was killing just about everyone, so fortunately for us, they revealed that it would be 'Night Changes.' Eek!

In addition to all the exciting deets about 'Four,' the guys also discussed everything from Twitter to getting cabin fever to Niall's "golf trousers." Listen to the full interview above.

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